June meetup

We just had our June 2013 meetup, again at the Endare offices in Ghent.

Bram talked about how to do use the in-app purchases API, while Sam gaves us some insights into the (not yet so mature) push notifications on the BB10 platform.

We also introduced our first hackathon series, where we’ll be building a Vine front-end clone. More on that later.

Meetup #2: presentations

So, here are the presentations of our second BlackBerry Developer Group Belgium meetup a few weeks ago at the Endare offices.

Steven talked about the native C Camera API. Pretty cool and performing, but programming using the native APIs isn’t as straightforward as is Cascades or WebWorks.

Sam talked about using the MVVM framework in Cascades. A bit theorethical but useful nonetheless!

Bram talked a bit about using the WebWorks HTML5 framework for accessing the camera and doing some image processing (like adding a moustache to one’s head). Everything looks better with a moustache!


These were the slides used for the intro and outro:

The next meetup will be Tuesday April 23th. Location and topic TBD, perhaps a hackathon?

Enterprise Developers have Workplace Apps Ready for BlackBerry 10

RIM distributed this press release:

Waterloo, ON – January 28, 2013 – A host of applications for the workplace developed by enterprises and enterprise developers will be available when BlackBerry® 10 launches on January 30.

Cisco, Box, Bloomberg, Dow Jones & Company, Truphone, and BigHand are just some of the companies whose applications, collectively used daily by millions of customers worldwide, will be available for BlackBerry 10 at launch.

“The developer community for enterprise and government has been incredible in the support of BlackBerry 10,” said Derek Peper, Vice President, Enterprise Partnerships, Research In Motion. “The community sees the potential of the BlackBerry 10 platform to help individuals and organizations make the shift from mobile communications to mobile computing, and have stepped forward with powerful, dynamic and user-friendly applications that can empower employees around the globe.”

RIM made a significant commitment to developers for BlackBerry 10, making it fast and efficient for organizations to develop and manage applications. Developers were provided with toolkits that included the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK with Cascades™, to create graphically rich, high performance native apps in C/C++ or the Qt Modeling Language (QML), and the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks™ SDK for HTML5 developers, allowing them to create native-like apps using common web programming technologies (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript).

RIM launched BlackBerry® Partners for Enterprise in 2012 to succeed the BlackBerry® Alliance program and increase support to the enterprise software and services community. RIM also rolled out the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour – Enterprise Edition to 11 cities to help enterprise application developers and partners develop for or port existing applications to BlackBerry 10.

What Partners are Saying

“We’re proud to extend Cisco’s WebEx technology to the BlackBerry 10 platform letting customers of any size join, start, view content, and stay connected to WebEx meetings right from their BlackBerry 10 smartphone,” said Raj Gossain, Vice President of Product Management, Cloud Collaboration Applications Technology Group atCisco. “Our customers access Cisco collaboration capabilities, such as instant messaging, IP voice calling and conferencing on BlackBerry devices to stay connected anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. RIM and Cisco have worked together to develop an application that is user friendly and meets the needs of our global customers.”

“Mobility has completely transformed the enterprise, powering new levels of productivity for businesses and individuals around the world,” said Karen Appleton, VP of Business Development at Box. “Our deep integration with BlackBerry 10 connects users directly with all of their business content on Box, delivering a secure collaboration experience with intuitive features for fast and fluid file sharing. Box has built native apps for every leading mobile platform and we’re excited to continue our great relationship of innovation with the RIM team.”

“BlackBerry users have had access to critical news and market information via the Bloomberg Professional service for over 10 years, enabling business and financial professionals to make real-time, informed decisions about the markets,” said John Waanders, Head of Bloomberg Anywhere Mobile. “We are pleased to deliver a high-quality, secure experience to our subscribers with our Bloomberg Anywhere app on the new BlackBerry 10, and look forward to working with RIM as the platform evolves.”

“The debut of The Wall Street Journal’s app for BlackBerry 10 is the latest evolution in our ‘WSJ Everywhere’ digital strategy to meet new audiences through new digital platforms,” said Alisa Bowen, Head of Product for Dow Jones & Company. “The global reach of the BlackBerry platform allows us to continue expanding upon our own international growth, particularly in Asia, Europe and South America.”

“BlackBerry 10 changes the game – while the platform conforms to modern standards and is easy to adopt, the applications can integrate with the mobile operating system and with other applications in entirely new ways,” said Adam Linford, Head of Truphone Labs. “This has provided Truphone with the opportunity to rethink how we approach mobile VoIP applications, and open up new avenues for development in the future.”

“With over 165,000 professionals using our voice productivity technology worldwide, BigHand is focused on providing applications that can help busy professionals get more done from anywhere in the world on their smartphone,” Jon Ardron, CEO of BigHand. “Our longtime relationship with RIM has helped BigHand bring some of the first enterprise mobile dictation apps to the marketplace years ago. The new BlackBerry 10 is a continuation of that relationship and reinforces BigHand’s commitment to providing first-to-market productivity apps for professionals, as well as, continuing to support our large mobile application user base that utilizes BlackBerry smartphones. As our clients and other organizations move to the BlackBerry 10 platform, BigHand will immediately be able to offer them support this newest and highly anticipated mobile platform.”



BlackBerry, RIM, Research In Motion and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited. All other brands, names and marks are the property of their respective owners. RIM is not responsible for any third party products or services.

We’re very happy to see the enterprise is ready for BB10 too.

Listing JSON data from a webservice using pure QML

The BlackBerry Cascades documentation is a bit cloudy regarding accessing JSON webservices from pure QML. After a while I managed to access a JSON file by only writing QML, no C++ whatsoever!

The code shown in the gist below also shows how to convert date strings using only QML/JavaScript.

This results in this page:

Screenshot from a ListView populated with data coming from a JSON webservice.

Park In Ghent is open sourced

Just a few days ago, Bram Vandewalle (CEO of tablet app maker Endare) open sourced his BB10 Park In Ghent app. The application uses open data provided by the city of Ghent (Belgium) and tells you more about the available parking spaces in Ghent.

App in the background

App in the background

Main screen: overview of the parking spots.

Main screen: overview of the parking spots.

Detail of a parking spot

Detail of a parking spot

The app can be used by BlackBerry developers owning a Dev Alpha device right now, and will be available for the public when the BlackBerry 10 devices are released to the market. The global launch event for the new BlackBerry 10 devices is planned for 30 January 2013.

First meetup

The first meetup at RIM Belgium’s offices was a bit en petit comité, but that’s ok.

The guys from RIM Belgium gave a tiny introduction on what BB10 is going to look like, James talked a bit about the C++ Cascades examples and Steven talked about the HTML5 WebWorks/bbUI.js way of doing things.

Here are the slides: